Who We Help

Who We Help

The majority of our clients are either Entrepreneurs or Senior Corporate Executives. However, anyone with wealth that values having a Personal CFO would be a potential fit for us. We enjoy serving clients that desire better stewardship of their financial lives.

Several of our longest client relationships have stated that the greatest value we provide them is that they know they have ONE advisor that truly understands their ENTIRE financial situation…from their tax complexities, to their employee benefit plans to their prior marriage or multi-family circumstances. We provide them with a sacred trusting relationship that they can share personal and confidential concerns that has affected and will affect their future financial decision-making.

Personal CFO Services

We provide four levels of advisory services, based on income, net worth and overall financial complexity. Below are the typical client profiles for each of these service levels:

  Financial Planning Only Portfolio Management Only Standard Premium
Household Income Range: Less than $150K $150K+ $250k+ $500K +
Net Worth Range: Less than $150K $500K - $2M $1M - $5M $3M +
Investable Assets Range: N/A $250K - $1M $500K - $3M $2M +
Minimum Quarterly Fee: Negotiable $1,000 $2,000 $3,500